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The WWW/ISIS Interface Homepage – english

Product overview
The WWW/ISIS interface is a form-based, interactive and dynamic interface to the ISIS full text database. Its main features are:

  • Complex And/Or/wildcard searches on multiple keywords
  • Powerfull but intuitive form-based user interface
  • On-line lists of keywords
  • Rich and flexible formatting of search results
  • Crossed-linked output (e.g. author links inside publications)
  • On-line thesauri support
  • Multiple database support
  • Multiple langauge support
  • On-line help
  • Fully configurable
  • Multiple platform support
  • Fast!

Instalations & demosYou can download a free demo version for Windows 95/NT here.The WWW/ISIS interface has been implemented on multiple sites, some of them hosting very large databases:

FAOLEX databaseour mirror(*)
FISHLEX databaseour mirror
Oefse On-line catalogour mirror

(*)Databases on our site may have reduced number of recordsTechnical overview.The interface main features are:

  • Multiple fields - a query form is composed from multiple fields. Basic field types are:
    • compound - on-line keyword list, AND/OR conditions between terms
    • simple - no keyword list, no AND/OR between terms
    • static - static select list, used when a short and static list of terms is available
  • Compund queries - the WWW/ISIS interface allows to construct compound AND/OR queries within one field. The query permits multiple search terms in one search field. Multiple search terms are separated by the "+" sign. The logical OR/AND operator is used between search terms of the same type depending on state of the OR/AND radio button
  • An on-line, scrollable list of database search terms is available, eg.: enter 'Afr' to obtain a full list of database search-terms for a given field, which begin with 'Afr'. If the number of database search terms is larger than default list size "More" and "Back" buttons are provided to retrieve the next/previous part of the search term index.

The database 'schemata', work and program directories and result formats are available as plain text files. Hence, the system is easily configurable and extendable.

Platform Support and implementation:
The WWW to ISIS interface is based on MicroCDS/ISIS version 3.0 running on AT&T compatible UNIX. Currently we support Linux, SCO, Sunsoft Solaris/X86 and Windows NT.

The Unix interface can work with virtually every WWW server available (either free or commercial). We have tested Apache and NCSA 1.5 WWW servers.

The Windows NT version works with our own small-footprint Web server, Netscape Fasttrack and Enterprise servers (NT versions). Sorry, currently we are unable to support IIS due to Microsoft's inability to support its own programming interfaces. IIS compatible version should be available Q4 1999

The system is written entirely in C, hence it is very fast.AvailabilityWe offer a full range of WWW/ISIS related products and services from turn-key to consulting, for details contact us directly (see below).Contact the authors of WWW/ISISWWW/ISIS is being jointly developed by "CC" and ICIE:

Pu³awska 107a/2
02-595 Warszawa
tel/fax (48-22) 44-35-62
e-mail: office@cc.com.pl
Institute of Computer and Information Engineering
Lokajskiego 16/22
02-793 Warszawa;

This server courtesy of Institute of Computer Science, Warsaw Univ. of Technology
SCO is a registered trademark of the Santa Cruz Operation, Inc; Solaris is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Webauthor: "CC"

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